Wil Weir passed away on May 27, 2012. We have dedicated this annual charity golf tournament and our Wil Weir Memorial trophy, to honour Wil for all the volunteer efforts that he has been involved in over the years. Wil was actively involved in fundraising and charity functions through Sunrise Credit Union, not to mention fundraising for St. Paul's United Church in Virden and various other groups and activities that Wil and his family were involved in. Wil's generosity has touched many and he will be greatly missed in the community. In 2018 Valleyview Coop joined forces with Sunrise Credit Union to jointly host the annual tournament. In 2019 we have changed the name of our tournament to Cooperatives that Care. The Wil Weir Memorial trophy will continue to be used in our annual fundraising tournament in memory of Wil.

Wil Weir